Portrait of Hacham Shimon Agassi

Portrait of Hacham Shimon Agassi
Portrait of Hacham Agassi painted by Mrs Ruth Gila, Beit Meir , Israel

Friday, December 19, 2014

The 39 ‘Fathers’ of Work
ל"ט אֲבוֹת מְלָאכוֹת

There are thirty-nine general categories of labor that are forbidden on Shabbat which our Sages teach us in the Talmud (Shabbat). Each of these categories include a range of derivative laws and activities. The “Melachot” are generally divided into six groups, classified according to the Mishkan's activities with which they are associated.
As we shall see below the total gematria of these 39 types of work (44 (8) words) prohibited on the Shabbat have a joint gematria of 26=8. This number corresponds to the Name of Hashem-YKVK- יהוה.

Field Work

1.       Sowing-                                             זוֹרֵעַ=283
2.       Plowing-                                           חוֹרֵשׁ=514
3.       Reaping-                                          קּוֹצֵר=386
4.       Binding Sheaves-                            מְעַמֵּר=350
5.       Threshing-                                          דָּשׁ=304
6.       Winnowing-                                       זּוֹרֶה=218
7.       Selecting-                                         בּוֹרֵר=408
8.       Grinding-                                          טּוֹחֵן=73
9.       Sifting-                                            מְרַקֵּד=344
10.   Kneading-                                            לָּשׁ=330
11.   Baking-                                             אוֹפֶה=92  

Material Work
12.   Shearing Wool-                                 גּוֹזֵז=23
13.   Cleaning-                                         מְלַבְּן=122
14.   Combing-                                         מְנַפְּץ=260
15.   Dyeing-                                            צוֹבֵעַ=168
16.   Spinning-                                         טּוֹוֶה=26
17.   Stretching the Threads-                  מֵּיסֵךְ=610
18.   Making Loops-             עשיית בָתֵּי נִירִין=1522           
19.   Weaving Threads-                           אוֹרֵג=210
20.   Separating the Threads-                 פּוֹצֵעַ=246
21.   Tying a Knot-                                  קּוֹשֵׁר=606
22.   Untying a Knot-                               מַּתִּיר=650
23.   Sewing-                                           תּוֹפֵר=686
24.   Tearing-                                           קּוֹרֵעַ=376 

Leather Work
25.   Trapping-                                         צָּד=94
26.   Slaughtering-                              שׁוֹחֵט=323
27.   Skinning-                                  מַּפְשִׁיט=439
28.   Salting-                                        מְעַבֵּד=136
29.   Tanning-                                     מְמַחֵק=188
30.   Scraping-                                 מְשַרְטֵט=558
31.   Cutting-                                       מְחַתְּך=468 

Construction Work

32.   Writing-                                        כּוֹתֵב=428
33.   Erasing-                                       מּוֹחֵק=154         
34.   Building-                                        בּוֹנֶה=63
35.   Breaking Down-                            סּוֹתֵר=666 

36.   Extinguishing a Fire-                      מְכַבֶּה=67
37.   Kindling a Fire-                             מַּבְעִיר=322
38.   Striking the Hammer-          מַּכֶּה בַפַּטִּישׁ=466
39.   Carrying from domain to domain- הוֹצִאה מֵרְשׁוּת לִרְשׁוּת=1989


44 words=8

The gematria of the word “work”- מְלָאכָה is 96.

There are 39 types of forbidden works on the Shabbat:



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