Portrait of Hacham Shimon Agassi

Portrait of Hacham Shimon Agassi
Portrait of Hacham Agassi painted by Mrs Ruth Gila, Beit Meir , Israel

Sunday, April 19, 2015

In the first month in the second year on the first of the month

בחדש הראשון בשנה השנית באחד לחדש


The Mishkan was Established

הוקם המשכן
566=17=8 or + 2 words=19=10=1

Exodus from Egypt/Constrictions

יצאת מצרים


In Rashi’s first commentary  Parshat Shemini he writes that the Eighth Day of the Inauguration was the First (Rosh Chodesh) of Nissan for on that day the Sanctuary was erected and it took “Ten Crownsעשר עטרות (Seder Olam 7; Shabbat 87.b). 

The Eighth (8) Day + Ten (10) Crowns= 18

Ten Crowns- Rosh Chodesh Nissan

עשר עטרות- ראש חדש ניסן


Code of Hai
צפן חי

The Ten Crowns taken by the First of Nissan, the Eighth Day, were:
1.       First Day of Creation- ראשון למעשה בראשית. The Sanctuary was erected for use on Sunday which is the first day as was the first day of Creation. Even if one holds the opinion that the world was created in the month of Tishrei, nevertheless the day the Sanctuary was erected on the eighth day is understood as a new beginning. [See my Commentary in Parshat Beraishit and Parshat Shemot as to the differences of opinion between the Sages as to the time of the Creation-there I explain that Tishrei and Nissan occur at the same point of time-at the mid-point of two adjoining circles, a figure 8. They are a reverse mirror image of each other; See also my commentary on the Reverse Calendar.];
2.       First Day of the Offerings of the Princes of the 12 Tribes -The turn of the Prince of the Tribe of Judah-Nachshon ben Aminadav- ראשון לנשיאים (See Parshat Naso);
3.       First Day of the Priesthood of Aaron and his sons- ראשון לכהונה;
4.       First Day of the Work (the daily sacrifices of the Sanctuary)- ראשון לעבודה;
5.       First Day of the Descent of Fire from Heaven on to the Mizbeach- ראשון לירידת האש ראשון;
6.       First Day of the Eating Holies- offerings restricted to be eaten in the Courtyard of the Sanctuary only- ראשון לאכילת קדשים;
7.       First Day of the Resting of the Divine Presence amongst the People on earth-ראשון לשכון שכינה;
8.       First Day of the Priestly Blessing of Israel - ראשון לברך את ישראל;
9.       First Day that prohibited offerings on Bamot (sacrifices on any other mizbeach (altar) outside the Sanctuary- ראשון לאיסור הבמות;
10.   First Day of the Months (of the year) - ראשון לחדשים.

The joint gematria of these Ten Crowns is:

1.       First Day of Creation- ראשון למעשה בראשית(1915+3 words=19=10=1 or 2565=18);
2.       First Day of the Princes- ראשון לנשיאים(998=26=8 or 2208+2 words=14=8);
3.       First Day of the Priesthood- ראשון לכהונה(673+2 words=18 or 1323=1+8);
4.       First Day of the Sacrifices- ראשון לעבודה (674=17=8 or 1324=10=1);
5.       First Day of the Descent of Fire- ראשון לירידת האש (1517=14=8 or + 3 words=1520=8 or 2167+3 words=2170=10=1);
6.       First Day of the Eating of Holies- ראשון לאכילת קדשים(1502=8);
7.       First Day of the Resting of the Divine Presence- ראשון לשכון שכינה(1348+3 words = 1351 =10=1);
8.       First Day to Bless Israel- ראשון לברך את ישראל(1751+3 words=17=8);
9.       First Day that prohibited Bamot (altars)- ראשון לאיסור הבמות(1317 or 1967+3 words = 1970=17=8);
10.   First of the Months- ראשון לחדשים (959 or 2159+2 words=2161=10=1).


10 Crowns =18

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