Portrait of Hacham Shimon Agassi

Portrait of Hacham Shimon Agassi
Portrait of Hacham Agassi painted by Mrs Ruth Gila, Beit Meir , Israel

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Megillat/Scroll of Ruth
מְגִלָּת רוּת

King David is Alive and Exists!
דָּוִד מֶלֶךְ יִשְׂרָאֵל חַי וְקַיָּם!

Name of Hai
שֵׁם חַי


The Book of Ruth details the raising up of the Davidic Dynasty through individual acts of loving kindness "Chesed"- חֶסֶד and self sacrifice/suffering- יִיסוּרִין for a greater good- Mashiach and the Final Redemption of Israel.

The following identical gematriot support this opinion in the clearest possible way:

Suffering and Chesed
יִיסוּרִין וְחֶסֶד

Mashiach son of David
מָּשִׁיחַ בֶּן דָּוד

In order to receive the latter- Mashiach son of David- we have to undergo suffering and perform Chesed. This has been the story of the Jewish People from the time of our Father Abraham.

The initial letters of the words spell "Life"- חַי   (18).


The word "Chesed"- חֶסֶד can be broken down as follows:

·         Chet-      ח=8
·         Sod-     סֹד=64 (8*8)
The three numbers 8 correspond to the following:

Code of Hai
צֹפֶן חַי
(Nun 700)

The word "Sod"- סֹד means "Secret".

The great Secret of Hashem is the Code of Hai in which the universe is encrypted.

The Torah is the blue print of the Universe!

From now we understand the inner meaning of the words of King David:

A world of "888" shall be built up!
עוֹלָם ח - סֹד יִבָּנֶה

285+3 words=288=18
845=17=8 (Mem 600)

This is the World to Come which is awaiting us from before Creation itself when we gather the 288 Sparks of Holiness that were shattered at the time of Creation.

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